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since 1966​

It was one of those cold winter days when there isn't much else to do but stay inside and cook something delicious that warms your heart and soul.  I was sorting through my recipes when my husband remarked that I have so many that I should make a cookbook.  We laughed, but then thought about the idea and realized that it could be something that would interest many people...

That was soon after we got married, but  ever since that day, my husband, Joe and I always dreamed about creating a Hungarian heritage cookbook of our family's most cherished and beloved recipes.  My Grandmother and Great-Grandmother have created their first little notebook of recipes in 1891 to pass on family traditions and creations for future generations.

Just before my birthday in 1990 we wanted to surprise our daughter Helen with a little booklet of our most loved recipes.  Because Joe and I treasured our family traditions and recipes so much and were extremely proud of our Hungarian heritage,  we decided to name our little recipe booklet Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®.  We also wished to honor our Mother's so the subtitle became Our Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™.

We planned on publishing a full size cookbook for our Silver Wedding Anniversary in 1991.  However Life stopped us and we kept postponing our little project.  The accident and in 1995 the death of the love of my life, my husband Joe, put the brakes on my creativity once again until my daughter Helen, told me in no uncertain terms in 2010 that life is too short to waste it.

Trying to fit all my recipes into one book, became an impossible task.  This year I also wished to honor my Mother-in-Law and my Mother by using the subtitle that Joe and I dreamed up so many years ago, as a title of my cookbook titles, Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes.  Today I have several cookbooks, but many dozens of recipes are still collecting dust, waiting for another book to give them home...

My great-great Grandmother started this lovely family tradition of passing down her favorite recipes for the next generation to enjoy.  I recall many lovely memories in my Grandmother Apollonia's kitchen, with the mesmerizing aromas all around me and wanting to learn all her secrets, that she was always more than willing to share.  I still remember her stories about the excitement of creating a little notebook with her own mother to pass own their family recipes for future generations to come.

I learned most of my basics from her and my Mother as a very young girl.  By the time I was 12-13 I regularly cooked to ease my Mother's burden.  It was fun after all.  I did not think of cooking or prepping as chore.  Even today, my favorite hobby is cooking and sharing my recipes with everyone through my cookbooks and free cooking videos on YouTube and my websites. 

In my books, you will find all the recipes that you grew up with.  All my recipes are very easy to follow and will become an instant favorite of your family. 

You need to search no longer to find authentic recipes for such famous dishes as Hungarian Goulash, Hungarian Goulash Soup, Lecso, Hungarian Cabbage Rolls, Hungarian Potato Paprikash, Hungarian Chicken Paprikash, Hungarian Fish Soup, Hungarian Layered Sour Kraut (Husoskaposzta). 

Just to name a few.  All my books also include an extensive dessert section, but my 3rd book is a complete baking book, with many favorites from the legendary Café Houses of Budapest and the everyday Hungarian household.  Some of my favorites includes Dobos Torte, Eszterhazy Torte,
Walnut Roll, Poppy Seed Roll, Jalapeno Dinner Rolls, Cheese Sticks and many more wonderful easy to follow recipes.

Many people told me that if I make FREE video recipes, people won't buy my cookbooks because they will get my recipes free.  However, they were proved wrong. 

People who tried my video recipes came back and purchased my books because they realized that my books are full of tasty, and easy to follow additional recipes that they will certainly love, judging from my video recipes.

Each of my cookbooks are enriched by dozens of colored / black & white photo pages / illustrations and Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™ will show you the fun side of cooking through lighthearted illustrations.  

These are books that your friends and family will cherish for years to come.  You don’t have to have Hungarian heritage to enjoy my recipes.  Many of my dishes will become favorites even if you never tasted Hungarian food.  Please try some of my free cooking video recipes and be the judge. 

I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your choice.  Today I have 10 cookbooks and 12 e-cookbooks published.

In my books you will find desserts, savory recipes, cakes, tortes, holiday specialties, breads, dinner rolls, biscuits, family recipes, peasant dishes, holiday recipes, main dishes, meat dishes, goulash recipes, soups, pastries, cakes, cookies, biscuits, tortes, oven temperature guides, international measurement guides, spice sections and of course an herbal dictionary.

Our Story
It all began one snowy day in my kitchen....
I'm a description

Hungarian Walnut &

Poppy Seed 


Learn what makes Helen's Hungarian dishes unique even amongst Hungarians. Helen will also show you how to create delectable Hungarian old-world cakes, pastries and fragrant homemade bread.

Mouth-watering spicy dishes, rich stews, sauces, hearty soups, and mesmerizing desserts. That is Hungarian cuisine in short. There are not much other ethnic gastronomy that are so varied, creative, captivating and savory as Hungarian cooking. There are several influences in Hungary, Turkish, Austrian, Italian and French are only a few that spiced up Hungarian specialties. Although Hungarians always used a large variety of herbs and spices, the most famous is Hungarian Red Paprika powder. It is used to color such famous dishes as Hungarian Goulash, Hungarian Chicken Paprikash, Hungarian Fish Soup and many more wonderful, and authentic culinary treasures.

The book will guide you through the secret of Hungarian family favorites, original creations and dishes that will make you a legend among your friends and family. It easily steers you through the recipes. Full page colored and black and white photos further assist the reader to create a tasty and wonderful dish, pleasing to all the senses.


Conjuring up old-world cakes, tortes, pastries, main dishes, tempting truffles and breads are made easy and fun. The book includes an herb and spice dictionary, menu planning section, history of Hungarian wine, appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, cakes, pastries, sweets, truffles, breads and biscuits.


The dishes are diet and valet friendly. It is surprising how much money a person can save, by cooking comfort food and gourmet dishes at home, and on a budget.

I'm a description

Helen's Hungarian 




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