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Video Recipes

Let me share with you my YouTube cooking channel HRCSIDARANOLI where you will find almost a hundred FREE cooking videos, though which I share with you The Secret of Hungarian cooking one delicious recipe at a time.

As you may know, currently I have 10 cookbooks / baking books and 12 e-cookbooks / e-baking books published.  These books are a wonderful collection of mouth-watering dishes, delectable dessert, fragrant breads and so much more.  They could be the part of your very own cookbook collection or a wonderful gift for that special someone.

You may ask why I share free recipes when my business is writing cookbooks and baking books?  However what you may not realize is that most of my customers are satisfied viewers from my cooking channel.  They have tried, tested and fell in love with my easy to follow recipes.

But you be the judge.  Try some of my recipes and realize that cooking and baking is easy, fun and brings you satisfaction.