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Best Hugarian ecipes - Treasured Hungaran Family Reipes
Best Hungarian Recipes - Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes

The Secret of



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Helen M. Radics - Best Hungarian Recipes (Trasured Hungarian Family Recipes
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Beef Stew
Cookbooks - Best Hungarian Recipes - Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes
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Video Recipes - Best Hugarian Recipes - Treasured Hungarian Family Recpes

Helen M. Radics


She is the author of 10 cookbooks, which were featured on CTV, Life Network and is the Life Magazine Spokesperson for Walnut Roll & Poppy Seed Roll.  Best Hungarian Recipes is her official company website



These exclusive cookbooks / baking books are the only passport to travel through Hungary's history rich culinary World one delicious recipe at a time

Video Recipes


Helen M. Radics shares with you free video recipes which are sample dishes from her 10 international bestseller cookbooks / baking books.  Watching her makes you realize why her books are so popular.  SUBSCRIBE today to her COOKING CHANNEL and be one of the over 1/2 Million Viewers - Free Video Recipes


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Healthy Dishes for The

Entire Family

Fed up with flavorless dishes, diets that don't work?  Try my cookbook Don't Bitch, Get Skinny!™ cookbook that my daughter, Helen and I created upon your request.

I received hundreds of e-mails asking for help with eating healthy dishes and desserts that taste great and still let you eat nutritios meals.

This book comes with the titles Don't Bitch, Get Skinny!™ or Tasty Weight Loss!™.  Some of you found the first title too strong for a gift to a friend or loved one.  

We printed some with the new title so it is up to you. Although many times we don’t realize, but we all need a change of lifestyle.  We are no exception.  Motivation could be an issue throughout our life as family and work could occupy our time and sap most of our energy. 


What people don’t understand is that we are not lazy or procrastinators, but busy women with a full plate that doesn’t allow time for ourselves.  Also, sometimes women tend to be their worst enemies by not allowing to take care of themselves. 


Ever since we started growing up we were all surrounded by selfless ladies, such as our grandmothers and mother.  They all lived for their families not even realizing that if they didn’t take care of themselves eventually they couldn’t take care of their families. 


What is a lifestyle change?  It doesn’t need to be drastic, but a few little changes here and there.  I am not telling you to go out and buy an expensive treadmill, but simply to start walking and eating better. 

When it comes to diet recipes that you will find in this book, you will be amazed to learn that no one will notice that they are eating healthy dishes. People tend to have a misconception that diet food needs to be flavorless.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  The use of good, fresh and healthy ingredients, lean, quality meats, health boosting herbs and spices can make us healthier and our culinary creations more exciting. 

Every time you make a mouth-watering recipe or a delectable dessert that has fewer calories your family will thank you for it.  They would never believe that you put them on a diet. 



The e-book version has already become a best seller and to date this new printed version is the author's 2nd best seller.

There are great kitchen tips, time saving ideas, tasty dishes, delectable desserts and even a sample menu plan.  You have probably been on diets that didn't let you eat almost anything that you enjoy.

However this book will let you eat your favorite dishes, such as spaghetti with meatballs, chili, pesto penne, salmon, savory soups such as Hungarian Goulash Soup and yest you can even eat your ice cream.

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hungary's history rich rulinaryworld no


Food is one of the main building blocks of Hungarian culture.  The mouth-watering Hungarian Goulash, fiery Chicken Paprikash and Hungarian Cabbage Rolls are just a few of our nation's colorful dishes that make the Hungarian kitchen memorable.  

Hungary is also well known for its delectable tortes, cakes, pastries and artisan breads.  Learn about our nation through tasty dishes and scrumptious  desserts.

Let my cookbooks / baking book, e-cookbooks / e-baking books make your special celebrations, family gatherings or simple weekday dinners more delicious and unique.

Visit my cookbook store or e-book store for special offers.

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Because they are always at your fingertips and are full of the same wonderful recipes as my printed cookbooks.  Also, now that there is a Postal Strike in Canada and we can still easily ship to Canada & the US, it's not so easy Worldwide.  Many of our Australian, European and Asian customers asked me to share my e-books so they can still get the cookbooks that they would love without worrying about the shipment.    

Pick your e-book, pay, download and start cooking mouth-watering dishes, baking fragrant breads and creating delectable desserts right away.

The e-books are also very reasonably priced at $15.00 - $20.00 depending on which book you pick.  

Why did I initially started creating e-cookbooks and e-baking books?  It's simple.  Not everyone has the money for a regular printed book plus shipping, and even if they do, it could be nerve wracking to wait for the delivery.  Although to Canada & US most of the time the books arrive in 1-2 business days.  However it's a different story overseas.  

That's the reason why my e-book purchases skyrocketed during the last 3 years.  I have regular customers who even purchase e-books for their friends and family before the Holidays.

Buying an e-cookbook / e-baking book for yourself or for someone else has the same benefits.  Quick access to your favorite recipes without having to flip through all your cookbook before you find the recipe you are looking for.  Don't misunderstand me, I love regular cookbooks as nothing compares to the feeling of flipping through the pages and getting immersed in the world of recipes, however we don't always have the time to do this.  

So when you need a more convenient and quicker way to find delicious recipes and delectable desserts, reach for the e-cookbooks / e-baking books. 


If you are interested in finding out more information about these and my other e-books, please visit my E-BOOK STORE.  


$ 20.00
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$ 20.00
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      Best Seller

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$ 15.00

      Best Seller

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$ 15.00
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This new feature will highlight a different book every month where you can learn more about each of my cookbooks in order to find your favorite.  Build your very own Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™ that will help you bring excitement to your cooking.

Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes


by  Helen M. Radics

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This very traditional book is brought to life by photos and illustrations that let you glance into the author's well-guarded family secret recipes and traditions. The author dedicated her book to her Mother and Grandmothers, who gave her the opportunity of becoming a person who adores cooking and taking care of her family through her traditional recipes filled with love and family history.

Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ is a complete cookbook including Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes, Meat Dishes, Desserts, Savory pastries, Breads, Biscuits, Truffles and many more recipes that have the potential of becoming new family favorites.  The book's traditional recipes are accompanied by gourmet creations and original dishes found only in the Szabo, Tolnay and Radics families.  

Don't miss out owning this highly collectible, keepsake of a cookbook that your family will cherish for generations to come. The author Helen's Hungarian heritage recipe collection is beautifully gathered in her latest cookbook Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™

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$ 15.00




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Visit and Like my official Facebook page for free recipes, free video recipes, cookbook sales and to learn about mouth-watering Hungarian recipes.

Best Hungarian Recipes and Helen M. Radics brings you rustic Hungarian dishes, delectable desserts, fragrant breads and time saving cooking tips.

Chef Gordon Ramsay

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® 1 is a lovely and useful gift


Budapest Tourism Board
David Katz - Life Network
Kyle Christie - CTV

Much more than just

a cookbook. These are easy to follow lovely books

We are very happy that you promote Hungarian food and delicacies online and printing form in Canada. It is very helpful to make a better image about Hungary

Helen tries to let people know about Hungary's unmistakable culinary world







Each week Helen M. Radics brings you a special, limited time sale event.   You will save $ 15.00 off shipping through the Best Hungarian Recipes™ (here) website, which is the official Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® website.

Build your Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library one book at a time until you have the entire collection.

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Best Hungarian Recipes - Treasured Hungrian Family Recipes - Helen M.Radic
Best Hungarian Recipes - Treasued Hungarian Family Recipes - Helen M. Radics

We ship worldwide!  Canadian & US shipments are guaranteed to arrive 1-3 business days following clearing of payment.  These shipments are by Canada Post XpressPost service.


International shipments are 7-10 business days for small package air or you may chose XpressPost.    Please note the (XpressPost) price difference in the shipping fee for these international shipments.

Best Hungarian Recipes

Hungarian food has always fascinated people regardless of the background.  Best Hungarian Recipes is where you will find the most extensive collection of Hungarian specialties that will make you fall in love with Hungarian dishes one recipe at a time.

The mouth-watering Hungarian Goulash and fiery Chicken Paprikash have always been the topic of converstation around the dinner table for generation.

In addition Hungarian culinary treasures include the rustic yet elegant Walnut Roll, the regal Dobos and Eszterhazy Tortes and Hungarian Cabbage Rolls which are not made with tomato paste but the use of Hungary's national treasure, the bright red Hungarian red paprika powder. 

Other Hungarian culinary specialties are dishes that originated as peasant dishes, however in today's Hungary you may also find them in the most elegant Hungarian restaurants and on the tables of every Hungarian household.  The most popular of these dishes are Hungarian Potato Paprikash, Hungarian Fish Soup and of course Hungarian Lecso, which is similar to the French ratatouille but is made with peppers and tomatoes.





Fish Soup


Try some of my recipes free.  Best Hungarian Recipes brings you sample recipes from the pages of my 10 cookbooks


My printed cookbooks and bakig books bring you thousands of recipes illustrated by hundreds of colored / black & white photos, herbal dictionary, culinary history and other food facts that makes recreating my recipes easy and fun. You can easily recreate my recipes even if you never your hand at cooking or baking.  

US & Canadian delivery 1-3 business days.

Best Hungarian Recipes brings you e-books  for any occasion or just to give  your every day meals more variety. My e-cookbooks / e-baking books are the best tools for any cook with any level of cooking knowledge.  You can easily re-create my recipes even if you never cooked or baked anything in your life.  Create mouth-watering feasts and delectable desserts that will amaze your family and guests.  Dont' worry these books are not only for special occasions, you can use them throughout the year for any occasion or just everyday cooking.

PRICE $ 15.00 - $ 20.00

Pay, download and start having fun in the kitchen.



Almost all my cookbooks have a baking section however these two e-books are complete baking books features hundreds of baking recipes. 

Create fragrant breads, dinner rolls, biscuits, bread stick, old-world (easy to recreate) pastries, cakes, holiday cakes, delectable chocolate truffles, light and airy meringues, cookies and so much more.  Make this summer a memorable one by making all these tasty specialty for your friends and family.  Pay, download and start baking.  


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Losing Weight or Just Eating Healthier

Becoming healthier or getting in shape doesn’t always mean that you have to exercise for hours and starve yourself or eat bland food without any flavor. 


Our book will show you how becoming a better, new you can be achieved by eating mouth-watering dishes, tasty roasts, delicious soups, refreshing drinks and of course delectable ice creams.  Not to mention silky, yummy smoothies.


The book will also give you cooking tips, kitchen tricks and a sample menu for an easier start.  And remember, your family will never know that they are eating healthy dishes.


All your favorites, including chili, spaghetti, meatballs and ice cream are all in the book.  So you will not be missing anything, only your unwanted weight. 


There is an e-book version that is downloadable right away, or a printed version that will be mailed to you. 

Authors of The Book

Don't Bitch, Get Skinny has been created by author Helen M. Radics & her daughter, author & poet Helen Radics, who is also Helen M. Radics' business manager.


History of Hungarian Wine

Best Hungarian Recipes by Helen M. Radics is not only about cookbooks and recipes, but also about the culinary history of Hungary that you were already introduced to in her very first cookbook, Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®.


It is said that the Romans introduced vines to Hungary, or Pannonia, as it was then known. There are historical records indicating that wine making took place in Hungary during the Roman occupation. Saint Stephen founded the Kingdom of Hungary in 1000 AD. St Stephen was responsible for the spread of Christianity across Hungary and the monasteries spread wine culture. A flourishing wine industry developed and Hungarian wines were exported to neighboring countries.


In 1526, the Turks invaided much of Hungary.  They occupied Eastern and Central Hungary. Many people headed west ahead of the advancing Ottoman army or sought exile in Transylvania, which retained some degree of autonomy. As a consequence of this and of general economic collapse, the wine industry went into decline and large parts of the countryside went uncultivated.  Legend has it that, in 1630,  fearing an attack from the Turks, the harvest was abandoned and not completed until some time later when the rot had affected the grapes. When the wine from the late harvested grapes was opened the following spring the high quality of the wines was recognized and the reasons behind its success was identified.


After a prolonged siege Buda was liberated in September 1686. This marked the end of Turkish occupation and the start of Austrian Dominance. Hungary was still not independent, but the Habsburg Empire provided an ideal market for Hungarian wines. The large feudal estates that had been seized by the Turks were re-formed and many incomers, in many cases Serbs, Swabs and Romanians, who brought wine making skills with them, were invited to repopulate the wine growing regions. Economic stability encouraged vine planting on a large scale. Wine was the most popular drink in Hungary and much was exported. The fine wines of Hungary were held in high regard and sold to the upper classes of the Austrian Empire, Poland and Russia.


Around 1700, although the exact date may be disputed, Tokaj can lay a claim to the first Vineyard Classification system in the world. This five level system was drawn up at the behest of the then landowner, Ferenc Rakoczi II. After the passage of time some vineyard boundaries can be difficult to locate with certainty, nevertheless the system is still promoted today. Towards the end of the nineteenth century the Hungarian wine industry was at its zenith.


The economy was growing rapidly, driving domestic demand for wine and Hungarian wine was exported throughout central and eastern Europe where it was held in the highest regard.  After one hundred years the renaissance of the Hungarian wine industry is under way. While many producers in lesser areas are still under-capitalised, investment in the traditionally famous wine areas has allowed the latest wine making and bottling equipment to be installed. As a consequence of land redistribution in the 1940s many growers have to manage several disparate 2 hectare plots. Conversely this allows numerous winemakers to access the best vineyards.   In Hungary the new wine growers are held in high regard and in foreign market Hungarian wine is more and more sought after.


All of these wines are available at the Canadian LCBO stores.  Even smaller stores carry "Tokaji Aszu", which is the most famous Hungarian white wine.  It is also called the nectar of the Gods.  Bulls Blood is also another world famous wine from Hungary.  It is a deep red colored, robust wine.  Learn the legend of "Bulls blood".  You'll be surprised to learn where the name came from.  Debroi is another well-knows and sought after quality white golden wine.  Try them, you won't be disappointed.  Ask me if you need to know what food to pair them with.

Hungarian Wine - Best Hungarian Recipes

Tokaji Aszu



Bull's Blood

Winery in





A Family Collaboration

Helen M. Radics and her late husband Joe Radics started creating their now acclaimed cookbooks following their marriage in 1966.

Today, the company is still a family collaboration as the author's daughter, Helen Radics Jr. has taken over as company manager, artistic designer, photographer, editor and distributor.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® is the title of Helen M. Radics' very first cookbooks and her cookbook publishing company. 

Subsequently, the author published two more volumes to her Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® series and an anniversary edition book, Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® Anniversary Edition, before she went on to publish other type of cookbooks.  Currently she includes her best Hungarian recipes in 10 printed cookbooks and 12 e-cookbooks / e-baking books.

Books of Helen M. Radics

Helen M. Radics' cookbooks, baking books and e-books are full of easy to follow, time tested recipes. 


Ever wondered about the Secret of Hungarian Cooking®? Helen M Radics will share with you such national treasures as Hungarian Goulash, Chicken Paprikash, Fish Soup and of course what collection of traditional Hungarian recipes could be without one of our most cherished dishes, Hungarian Cabbage Rolls, which are not made with tomato paste, but the traditional Hungarian way, with Hungarian Red Paprika Powder. 

Hungarian food has always fascinated us regardless of nationality.  The fiery Chicken Paprikash and mouth-watering Hungarian Goulash has been the topic of conversation around the World throughout time. 

Hold your cursor on top of the small picture for a photo roll

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The Story of My Mother, Helen M. Radics

Her mouth-watering recipes spread like wildfire around the World

Dreaming of creating a Hungarian heritage cookbook has never been  a problem   for my Mother, Helen M Radics, after all her imagination and creativity always amazed  everyone during family celebrations and get-togethers.  She has enriched not only my  life, but the lives of all her friends and family through her lovingly prepared Hungarian heritage recipes.  She has always attracted people with her caring personality and joy  of life.  Her Great-grandmother created the family's first little notebook of family recipes in 1891.  My Grandmother has given a copy of that notebook to my Mother as a wedding gift in 1966.

CTV News - Best Hungrian Recipes

 CTV News


There is nothing like the scent of freshly baked homemade bread filling your kitchen.  Learn how to make rustic artisan breads, elegant French baguettes, biscuits, dinner rolls and bread sticks.  Find bread recipes is almost all my cookbooks and e-books.  There are also special baking books in my book store and a complete Bread book in my e-book store.




Soups are the part of each lunch and dinner in every household in Hungary.  These could be elegant gourmet soups, rustic peasant soups or light summer fruit soups


About Us


I always loved everything about food.  Dreaming up new recipes, creating new exciting dishes and sharing time tested recipes is how it all started.  Today I share Hungary's culinary treasured, international recipes and my own creating in 11 cookbooks, 12 e-books and almost a 100 videos.




Hungary's History Rich Culinary World

Mouth-watering spicy dishes, rich stews, sauces, hearty soups, and mesmerizing desserts. That is Hungarian cuisine in short. There are not many other ethnic gastronomies that are so varied, creative, captivating and savory as Hungarian cooking.

Many external influences spice up Hungarian cooking. Although Hungary has always used a large variety of herbs and spices, our nation was always open to new ideas. Our King Mathias in the 15th century has introduced western culinary methods.


He married an Italian princess, Beatrice of Naples, so Italian flavors enriched Hungarian gastronomy. Beatrice has brought with her Italian cheeses, pastas, and spices. Turkey was also brought to Hungary during that period. Today, Hungarian turkey is considered one of the best in Europe. My family always had a large turkey farm in the country and our birds were contracted all over Europe. I have many cherished memories as a child taking weekend trips from the city to the country.

There are also Turkish influences spicing up Hungarian cuisine. Hungary fell under Turkish rule in 1526 (Ottomen), which lasted for 150 years. They brought with them more exotic spices, and the still treasured coffee, that made "Budapest Café Houses" flourish in later centuries.

Following the Turks came the monarchy with Austria, introducing Hungary to their schnitzels and vegetable stews.  The Hungarian upper class always maintained a French style cooking similar to all European aristocrats.


Despite all of our external influences, the most used Hungarian spice is Paprika. It is used to color stews, soups, sauces, and of course our famous Hungarian Goulash. It also lends its wonderful deep red color to our world famous sausages. After a delicious Goulash or Chicken Paprikash further your culinary experience by tasting our Bulls Blood (Egri Bikaver). Which is one of our most famous red wines.


Our country has been blessed with the climate and soil perfect for wine making. Another famous Hungarian wine that is readily available outside of Europe is Tokaji Aszu. It is a delicate, crisp, golden wine. You will learn more about our wines if you visit my wine page. You will also be introduced to Hungarian spices and cooking methods.


I would like to introduce you to more than just our culture, heritage and recipes. If you follow my recipes and guides, you will realize how much money you could save by cooking easy to follow delicious recipes.  It will also bring your family even closer together, your children will be looking forward to dinner at home. So thank you for coming and I hope that you will like my recipes, tips and cookbooks. Enjoy your stay. 



Hungarian Paprika



Cooking with

Helen M. Radics

Not surprisingly, Helen M Radics' online cooking show  has almost 1/2 a million viewers.

Visit the author's YouTube Channel to watch free video recipes through which she shares some of the recipes of her 10 internationally sought after cookbooks

Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library


Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™ has been created by author Helen M. Radics, which only features her cookbooks, e-books and her daughter Helen Radics' books, who is also the creator of the logo.  Each volume of the Library will surprise you with its large collection of recipes, culinary facts, the culinary evolution of Hungary, guides and tables that will make recipe recreation a breeze.  She also included an extensive herbal dictionary and spice guide in many of her cookbooks that will show you how to cook delicious, traditional comfort foods and gourmet dishes without the use of health damaging ingredients such as lard.

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